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Crop your own yeast with our specially designed YEAST TRAY

Whether you use a dried or a true bottom fermenting yeast, there is perfectly good yeast layered at the bottom of your fermenting vessel that can be easily used for several – if not dozens – of generations. Here is what Sylvie Van Zandycke, the Brewing and Fermentation Manager at Lallemand (the makers of Windsor and Nottingham dried yeast), had to say in The Brewers Guardian “once yeast is hydrated it is just like it was a liquid yeast… Some brewers think that they can’t reuse dry yeast or it will produce less fruity beers and this isn’t true”. So why do brewers continue to buy new packets of dried yeast for every brew? Indeed, reusing dried yeast can give better fermentation patterns and better flavoured beer.

Why pay for something new when you are throwing away a perfectly good product that will do the job?

Refuse to pay the new higher dried prices – simply reuse what you already have!

We have designed a stainless steel tray that when lowered into a primary fermenting vessel at a critical point can crop enough (originally) dried yeast or a true bottom fermenting variety to pitch into at least one more brew.

We guarantee it works or we will refund the purchase cost.

Supplied in two sizes, small and medium, this yeast tray can be used in any shaped fermenting vessel. The small one is designed for use where there is a restriction in the top of the vessel, i.e. where a 5 bbl cellar tank is used as a FV. The medium sized tray can be used on FVs of over 700mm and up to 1200mm in diameter.

All yeast trays come with a short copyrighted DVD of operating instructions, so there are no written instructions.

Small Tray £130 + VAT and carriage.
Medium Tray £160 +VAT and carriage
Plastic soak tray (for if you do not have a soak tank large enough to take the tray for cleansing and sterilising) £40 + VAT

Conditions of product refund:
We will refund all purchase costs of the equipment without question (not including any carriage charged) once the equipment has been returned to us in a re-usable condition, at the customer’s expense. No refunds will be granted after 6 months from invoice date.

Conditions of supply
We can not guarantee that any yeast recovered by a customer will ferment further batches without failure. PBC Brewery Installations Ltd can never guarantee that all customers follow sensible hygienic practices within their own breweries, and no liability can be accepted for loss of beer however caused on or off the customer’s premises.

The YEAST TRAY is protected by Registered Design to PBC Brewery Installations Ltd