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Concerns about Polyethylene fermenting vessels?

Polyethylene fermenting vessels represent a value alternative to Stainless Steel. They are used on the entry level breweries of 2.5 and 5.5 barrel sizes. Medium Density Polyethylene is fully approved by all Environmental Health Officers as safe to use in the brewing environment. MDPE is inert to many chemicals and indeed shows better resistance to Chlorine based sterilants then Stainless Steel. Manufacturers recommended operational temperature range is -30 to + 80 deg c.

Obviously Polyethylene vessels will not last as long as a Stainless Steel and will need a little special attention but should last for more than ten years.

We have personally brewed many hundreds of thousand of pints of beer in this type of vessel. If they did not work well in the brewing environment …. we would not use, or recommend them!

Just ask some of our customers who use them!

  • Greenfield Brewery, Manchester
  • Leek Brewery, Staffordshire
  • Blythe Brewery, Staffordshire
  • Hopstar, Lancashire
  • Derventio, Derbyshire
  • Beachy Head, Sussex.
  • Concrete Cow, Buckinghamshire
  • Wirksworth, Derbyshire
  • Bewdley, Worcestershire
  • Stringers, Cumbria
  • 5 Towns, W.Yorkshire
  • Arbor, Bristol
  • Penpont, Cornwall
  • Summer Wine, W.Yorkshire
  • Preseli, Pembrokeshire
  • 2 Bridges, Reading
  • Mithril Ales, N. Yorks
  • Llangollen, Clwyd
  • Wainstones, N. Yorks
  • Happy Valley, Cheshire
  • Walls, N. Yorks
  • Worsthorn Lancashire
  • Minster, Worstershire
  • Holsworthy, Devon
  • Geeves, S. Yorks
  • Mighty Hop, Dorset
  • Little Beer Co, Surrey
  • Hackney, London
  • Hay Rake, Manchester
  • Adventure, Surry
  • Foolhardy, Stockport
  • Long Itch, Warwickshire
  • Tickertybrew, Manchester
  • Fell, Cambria
  • Elliswood, Lincs
  • Little Dragon, Pembs
  • Borough Arms, Neath
  • Hophurst, Wigan
  • Anglesey, Anglesy
  • Belgium Cafe, Eastbourne
  • Salutation Inn, Gloucestershire