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Extra steps to becoming fully operational

Site visits are not normally required (therefore avoiding the cost) as most breweries can be installed by us if the customer supplies a detailed set of panoramic internal photographs and scale plans.

Before you can become operational in the UK you will need:-

  • Permission to brew from Customs & Excise which should be a formality but could take some time
  • Register for The Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS).
  • Permission to brew from environmental health. Equipment specification has never been a problem with any EHO, but you will need to clear the external environmental impact and the building specification.
  • Permission to dispose of trade effluent, usually provided by you water suppliers.
  • Consent from planning authorities, if necessary.
  • Assistance will be given with the above bodies if you require it?
  • Adequate single-phase electricity supplies and points, preferably waterproof sockets that must be protected with RCDs
  • 3 phase electricity supply for greater than 4BBL installations
  • Adequate site drainage to mains. It is the customers complete responsibility if mains drainage is not available
  • Adequate access to atmosphere for an exhaust chimney for fumes and steam
  • Adequate (volume & quality) mains water supply
  • Suitable collection of spent malt, (this can involve some income)
  • Suitable collection of spent hops, (these can usually be biodegraded for plant mulch)
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Completely sealed and/or drainable floors, + adequately sealed walls
  • Competent person/s dedicated to become your brewer/s

What you will need to buy/source:-

  • Additional hydrometers/ sacchrometers. (You will break them with annoying regularity)
  • Stock of malt & hops
  • Clarification agents
  • Casks and a device for cleaning them
  • Cask closures
  • Good yeast supply. We can supply yeast direct, upon request
  • Sterilising solutions
  • Qualified electrician to prepare the brewery site and be there for the first day of installation. All electrical appliances are supplied without wiring.
  • Safety equipment for you and/or brewer i.e. chemical proof gloves, goggles, eye wash station, capped wellingtons etc

Ususal steps to a successful and trouble free installation:-

  1. Visit us at our brewery in north Manchester or visit one of our customers in your area (or both)
  2. Enter into negotiations about specification and installation date
  3. Send detailed photographs and scale plans (speak to me first about the amount of information I need)
  4. Receive full specification, detailed plans and price
  5. Agree delivery / installation date and pay a deposit (usually £2000.00 + VAT)
  6. Receive and study the detailed training DVD.
  7. Receive and have your brewery installed and tested
  8. Continue successfully brewing

Plus - you could drop in on a training course to gain better knowledge & confidence!