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ALL installations quoted here include as a minimum: -

  • Hot liquor (water) tank fully insulated and clad in decorative and practical varnished timber, complete with fully controllable digital temperature display. This vessel is guaranteed to lose no more than 3 degrees centigrade a day, without any additional heat input. This vessel collects the very hot water back from the plate heat exchanger when cooling the beer from the 'copper'.
  • Infusion style mash tun (see photo number 23 on the gallery page) insulated and clad in decorative varnished timber and underback
  • Copper (boiling kettle) insulated and clad in decorative varnished timber
  • Full specification stainless steel plate heat exchanger with wall bracket
  • Two fermenting vessels allowing two batches of beer to be produced each week
  • 3 identical stainless steel hygienic transfer pumps
  • All associated valves, pipes, and fittings
  • Additional hop filter and automatic underback and valentine for all installations except the 2.5 barrel brewery
  • Clean in Place (CIP) system for the fermenting vessel - copper - heat exchanger 'loop'
  • Help with negotiations with British legalities and institutions
  • Welded cooling panels on stainless steel fermenting vessels for the addition of cooling water.
  • Recipe formulation for many types and styles of beer
  • Full installation and one complete brew demonstrated by us for training purposes and to trouble shoot any problems
  • Help line at any time
  • One year back up on all installations and equipment including all manufactures warranties
  • Small tools, instruments and fermenting vessel heater
  • All installations utilize electricity as their power source.
  • All equipment is made to specification in Stainless Steel or new off the shelf.
  • Temperature probe pockets are a standard on all stainless steel fermenting vessels for digital displays.
  • Digital display and controller to fully automate the temperature in a fermenting vessel. Heater, valves, and pipework supplied and fitted but a refrigeration unit is not supplied. Stainless steel fermenting vessels only.
  • Free advice on marketing, sales, business plans and costs. We will also be happy about giving information on utility requirements, legal permissions, site suitability and layout.
  • Free 4 hour training DVD for customers to see how to use the equipment and brew beer before (and after) installation. This DVD covers the complete beer making process in easy to access sections from grist composition to beer cellar management.