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Optional extras and pricing

All installations are fully operational in their own right. However items from the following range of optional extras can be installed for aesthetic purposes, to save time, or to better control the brewing process.

PLEASE NOTE: if you require any item that is not part of a full brewery install, contact Tony (from our contact page) for a quote.

VAT will be applied to all prices where applicable

  • Automatic underback and valentine - comes as standard on all breweries except the 2.5 barrel, where it is not really needed.

  • Centrifugal 'whirlpool' copper - for use with type 90 hop pellets. 6 to 10 barrel installations. Cost £2,400.00 (12-15 barrel Cost £2,700)

  • Refrigeration unit - to supply constant cold water for chilling down.
    Cost £750.00 installed with insulation

  • Malt Mill, auger, malt hopper and hydrator £5,400.00 3 phase motor (single phase on the auger + £150)

  • Low level malt hopper, auger and hydrator £1,900.00 (single phase + £150.00)

  • Cold liquor tank fully insulated and configured as the hot tank + pump. Cost £2,300 for 4 barrel rising to £3,400 for the 12 barrel.

  • Post heat exchanger aeration system - injection cinter for oxygen or filtered air post heat exchanger including sight glass and control valve. Not including gas control, filtering or supply systems Cost £400

  • Extra Additional fermenting vessels with lids and CIP head to 1" RJT male. Stainless fermenting vessels have cooling panels.
    • 2.5 bbl polyethylene £500
    • 4.0 bbl stainless £2,100
    • 5.5 bbl polyethylene £690
    • 6 bbl Stainless £2,250
    • 8 bbl Stainless £2,500
    • 10 bbl Stainless £2,750
    • 12 bbl Stainless £3,300
    • 15 bbl Stainless £4,100
    cooling coil for the 2.5 & 5.5 polyethylene FVs is + £65 each

  • Cask washers
    • twin head £2,500
    • triple head £3,100

  • Keg washers
    • twin head £3,700
    • triple head £4,200

Distance charges are the cost of traveling time and vehicle cost for being on the road. These equate to about £60.00/hour for the time it takes to travel from Manchester to the brewery site and back.

All prices exclude VAT

All electrical equipment comes supplied as it is supplied to us, and we do not complete any wiring on site, as we do not have any appropriate qualifications.