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Outline specification and prices for typical brewery installations

Full equipment list for all standard installations as detailed on the Installations include page is included for all of these brewery types unless specified otherwise

VAT will be applied to all prices where applicable

1 British Brewers Barrel = 1BBL = 36 gallons = 288 pints = 163.6 litres = 43 US gallons

All brewery sizes are true plant yields, therefore a 6BBL brewery will yield 24 x 9 gallon casks

PLEASE NOTE: If you require small sections or brewery parts. Contact Mark Harrocks from our contact page.

2.5 Barrel Brewery - £11,700.00
400 litres / 90 UK gallons

This brewery should be small enough to fit into most buildings and beer cellars, and large enough to be of commercial consideration.

The fermenting vessels are manufactured in food grade polyethylene (MDPE) and all brewhouse vessels are fabricated new in stainless steel. Concerns about polyethylene? Click Here

Minimum production quantity approx 36 gallons.

4 Barrel Brewery - £17,300.00
650 litres / 140 UK gallons

This basic 4 barrel brewery includes all-purpose made steel breweries with wooden cladding and single skin stainless steel fermenting vessels.
This is usually the maximum size of operation that can utilize single-phase electricity supply.

5.5 or 6 Barrel Brewery
980 litres / 215 UK gallons

This my most popular installation being of a size that when producing 2 batches a week should produce enough income to support a viable business venture on a full time basis for one person.

We have installed over 50 breweries of this size in the last 5 years

  • Combination - food grade polyethylene fermenting vessels & wooden clad stainless steel brew house vessels £18,150.00 (concerns about polyethylene vessels? Click here) Max capacity 5.5 BBL
  • All purpose 6 BBL stainless steel installation £21,800.00
  • Copper topped copper wood clad showpiece installation £30,600.00
  • Copper topped copper & stainless steel cladding showpiece £34,000.00
  • With additional hop filter and automatic underback and valentine as standard.

8 Barrel Brewery Complete Lager keg and Ale Brewery - £66,200.00 +VAT
1300 Litres

This Brewery without the ale production facilities is £57,600 +VAT

Click Here to find out more about this brewery

8 Barrel Ale Brewery
1300 litres

Price £25,350.00

10 Barrel Brewery
1600 litres

Basic brewery price £30,200.00

Note there is a significant increase in plant spec. from 10 barrel breweries and upwards. The stainless steel pipework is upgraded, it has a larger capacity heat exchanger and the copper has a side manway as standard for access.

12 Barrel Complete Lager Keg and Ale Brewery
2000 litres

Ale/Lager combined brewery with the same specification as the eight barrel complete brewery above. Except the filter has more cartridges and all the vessels are bigger.

Brewery price from £83,300.00

This Brewery without the ale production facilities is £72,800 +VAT

12 Barrel Ale Brewery
2000 litres

Brewery price £34,600.00

15 Barrel Ale Brewery
2500 litres

Brewery price £38,200.00

20 Barrel Breweries and Bigger

If you require a brewery of this size or bigger, speak to us about your requirements and we will get you a price

Custom designs

There are of course many hybrids of the above systems, and if those listed here seem not to suit your requirements then please speak to us direct. Creating breweries from new materials obviously gives the ability to produce an infinite number of variables in the sizes of the vessels.

Gas and steam fired systems can be quoted separately.
These heating systems are only commercially viable from 12 barrel breweries upwards.

Mirror finish stainless steel cladding on the brewing vessels, can be quoted separately. For mill finish stainless steel cladding add 8% to the prices of the 4, 6 and 8 barrel breweries. Stainless cladding on the 10 and 12 BBL breweries are 10% extra.

2.5 BBL
12 BBL
15 BBL

Area Requirements

Area requirements obviously differ with each brewery. Ideally the brewery should be split into two distinct areas, one for the 'brewhouse' and the other for the fermenting room. Most breweries can be squeezed into suitable areas. If space or access is a problem then please contact me and I'm sure we will be able to come to some configuration to fit.

Please note that these restrictions do not make for an ideal, easy to operate system, and will carry an install premium.

Minimum production quantities of all the breweries specified here is about 30% of total capacity.

There will also be a requirement for additional areas for cask washing, malt store, cold room (optional), and empty cask storage.

Area requirements for standard breweries will depend upon a lot of variables, like the position of windows and doors, as well as roof height and drainage. Having outside secure or off-site storage also helps to reduce the area requirements. If there is room for a mezzanine floor then this obviously helps. The below table is operational area and does not include toilets or office space.

Brewery Size (Barrels) Area feet² Min - Max Total Electricity Required
2.5 250 - 500 20kW 240V
4 400 - 700 20kW 240V
6 700 - 1000 28kW 415V
8 800 - 1100 37kW 415V
10 1000 - 1200 40kW 415V
12 1200 - 1400 45kW 415V
15 1400 - 1600 60kW 415V

If there is an intension of real ale bottling, then another 200-300 feet² will be needed

If your requirement is for the 'boutique show piece' style installation then we will more than happy to review your specification and submit a quotation for the work.

........ boutique2

Cask and Keg washers

Cask washers can be supplied for £2,500 for a twin head or £3,100 for the triple head plus VAT.


Twin head

Cold chemical wash, all stainless steel frame with stainless steel rotating heads. Capable of cleaning stainless steel and plastic casks of 9, 18, or 36 gallon sizes.

The cask washer pictured should be capable of cleaning 14 units an hour

Keg washers can be supplied for £3,700 for a twin head or £4,200 for the triple head plus VAT.

If you require one of these units as an individual purchase then contact Tony (from our contact page) and he will give you a quote for delivery, installation and training on top of the washer price?

Additional considerations

Our standard installations do not include:-

  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Casks, Kegs or washing facilities
  • Delivery vehicle / carriage costs
  • Building work including exit holes for the copper chimney
  • Wall, floor coverings and drainage
  • Electrical works
  • Stock

As a general guidance the minimum set up cost you should expect for the total installation of a potential brewery will be about two to two half times the basic brewery costs itemised above.

On the plus side you should be able to produce a quality 4.0% ABV ale for about £0.33p a pint duty paid.

Full costing will be give upon any request for further information.