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Specification for Eight Barrel Filtered Keg, Lager and Ale Brewery £63,100.00+VAT (1300L)

8 barrel ale brewery as per my standard website details and specifications including two open fermenting vessels.

Included in this price is an additional visit to demonstrate filtering your first beer, carbonating, keg washing, keg pre-evacuation, keg filling and filter cleaning. Additional distance charges are applicable.

In addition to the above equipment are:-

  • 4 uni-tank style fermenting/conditioning spare vessels double skinned and insulated, finished in 304 stainless steel with a maximum capacity of 1500 L.
  • Filter set consisting of 3x30 inch housings with five reusable cartridges in each, full filters to be supplied are 5x5.0 mµ, 5x1.0 mµ, and 5x0.45 mµ, a separate pump is to be supplied with this system. All filter housings to be connected by hygienic fittings including pressure gauges.
  • Bright beer and carbonation tank.
  • Cold liquor tank with temperature display & pump
  • Twin headed cold chemical cask washer.
  • Twin headed hot chemical keg washer.
  • Equipment for CO2 purging and back pressure filling kegs.
  • Refrigeration units.
  • Fully controllable digital displays for all six fermenting vessels.

if you wish to remove the two open ale fermenting vessels and the cask washer then there is a reduction on the above price to £54,900.00 (GBP)+VAT

This is the same equipment specification for the 12BBL as well but the vessels are bigger and there are more filter cartridges in the filter set for the bigger brewery.

Uni-tanks 8 Barrel Ale Brewery
3 Housing 30” Filter Set Uni-tanks